The system is integrated with finance and accounting section

Hotel management system is a system that not only helps the front desk clerk to handle all the information relating to the rooms, guests, and visitors to the hotel as well as create the reports needed for management in developing the marketing course, but more than that we also offer an integrated system finance and accounting section. Also, other facilities relating to restaurants, bars, mini bar, drug store, laundry, room service etc. with we offer so that you will have one integrated system that facilitates the management and owners in making decisions. Display program comprises several main parts;

Front office (FO) Data input guests/visitors of the hotel began a booking (reservation), the appearance of the bills (mini bar, restaurant, etc.) and when guests make a payment. At the time of check-out guests, invoice receipt/master bill can be printed. Purchasing / AR management is part of the purchase and debt manage both purchase hotel purchasing data for material/inventory (restaurants, bars, drug store, amenities, hospitality etc.) as well as inventory purchases or hotel project.