The windshield is a part of the car that provides you with the protection from the heat and rain. The windshield is able to provide the safety and the comfort when you are driving. Taking care of the car windshield is necessary performed to protect the windshield from scratches which disturb the view when you are driving. So, it is important to know how to clean the windshield properly and easily in order to make your car is free from frosted, scratched or greasy windshield. Here are some tips that you can do to maintain your car windshield. Please check it out.

1. Use the proper auto glass chemical
Cleaning you car glass window with proper auto glass chemical is recommended to avoid your glass window being damaged and frosted. The use of an improper chemical is often causing your car windshield frosted. You can use the glass cleaner which is sold in many stores, either retailers or small shops.

2. Use the standard chamois
Using the chamois is recommended to avoid the scratches and clean up the water on the surface of the car windshield. Chamois is a soft and clean polyvinyl chloride cloth. By using chamois, you will not get the scratches on your windshield surface.

3. Wipe the glass properly
Wipe the glass windshield in a single direction. It is recommended to get the best result and avoid the scratched on car windshields. You also can you the hand wiper to clean up the water perfectly.

4. Clean your car windshield twice a day
You are recommended to clean your car windshield twice a day in order to prevent the dirt or dust patches onto your car windshield surface.

If you find your car windshield looks frosted or scratched; you can contact AZ Glass Pros which can give you the best solution.