Providing guided duck hunts is one of the owners favorite services to provide

For those of you who like fishing, it’s good to learn some techniques for fishing, both for the beginner or for those of you who are already very used to go fishing. Through guided fishing in port Aransas, you can learn a lot of fishing techniques such as casting technique is a fishing technique with action to throw a fishing line out into the water by using the tool Rod (fishing rod) and reel. The core of the casting is throwing something, what we often call an artificial lure or bait. The most important thing is to use the Rod and Reel. If you do not use the Rod and Reel can not be called casting. In this technique, we are required to continuously cast and strings to lure the fish caught. That is what distinguishes traditional casting techniques (benthic) although initially equally meaningful cast (throw).

Casting usually can be done in freshwater or saltwater. Starting from lakes, swamps, rivers to the sea. Ideally, Joran used is a special rod that is flexible (not rigid) are usually made of carbon and length can be between 150 to 210 cm with a throw in general as far as 20 to 30 m. Can also use a rod made of fiber but not recommended because the rod is made of very heavy and stiff that affect the action or movement of the lure. The reel is used to spinning reel can also special or commonly called baitcasting.