Gum Disease

Other than the teeth, we often not realizing the importance of our gum, where it is really crucial to maintaining its health because it is the place where the teeth attached and could lead to serious health risk when we neglect to maintain its health properly. You should not be worry because Dentist Ajax could help you overcome the problem that occurs on your gum for they also offer periodontal care. The gums are composed of sensitive tissue. If we do not maintain healthy teeth properly, swollen gums and bleeding may occur, the primary signs of gum illness. Gum illness is very preventable – but fatal if overlooked. Signs that you are suffering from gum disease:

– Feel your teeth change position when you bite

– Your gums become red, bulging or swollen, or become soft

– Your gums separate, or interested in, from your teeth, creating a gap

– Your gums bleed when brushing teeth or flossing

– Your teeth look larger as your gums dropping

– Bad breath continuously or a bad taste in your mouth

Gum disease is divided into three stages:

1. Gingivitis. This is the beginning stage of gum disease. At this stage, you will probably find bleeding when brushing your teeth or use dental floss. However, the damage can be fixed because the bone and associated system is still in place and has not been affected.

2. Periodontitis. At this stage, the bones and the buffer layer that holds your teeth in order to remain in place have been damaged cannot be repaired. Your gums may begin to form a gap below the gum line, which accumulate food and plaque. Proper dental care and home care advanced can usually prevent greater damage.

3. Periodontitis advanced. At this terminal stage of gum illness, lining and bone holding your teeth have been destroyed and could provoke your teeth to move or loose. This could affect your bite strength, it is also severe because if treatment cannot save your gums, then your teeth should be extracted.