Know Location of nest Termites

Termites are already well known for his habit of gnawing wood in buildings. Small insects that are very harmful and could even jeopardize your home. Important elements such as poles and wooden furniture that had rotted in your house would become obsolete and can collapse at any time so it is threatening your safety. Sometimes wood and skin still look nice but the content in it is very fragile and outdated eaten by termites. When you hold the timber can also be lighter, fragile, and issued powders wood waste. After knowing the dangers of termites then you should know how to eradicate termites in the house below, you Need to Know The presence of termites in the house. Termite is an animal that has a gauge that is very small, termites also include animals that are not visible and very hard to see with the naked eye. However, despite the small size of the termite is easily recognized and distinguished from the shape of ants, cockroaches, and other small insects. The trail left by termites is often in the form of sawdust and wood porous. Sawdust which has the form of small spheres like powder always be near the porous wood. While wood sounded like hollow when you tap on them then it is certainly eaten by termites and the wood was already in a fragile state. For that, you need pest control.

Ways that are very simple and easy to do is to use a mixture of tobacco and salt water. You can soak the rest of the cigarette butts in the salt solution during the night then you can spray water into the termite nest in the house. Additionally, you are also in use bay leaves and basil because it smells can repel termites in particular contained in your wardrobe. So do not worry because although it has a strong scent of your clothes will also not be affected. Many people are very confident with the chemicals in eradicating termites with more powerful reason than the way a natural alternative. Some substances are not completely chemically but require a special application because it can have a negative impact on the body if the one using it. You also, of course, need to know what are the benefits and advantages of using the services of termite that is very reliable. This effort was continued to progress and much in demand by housewives. You also know that termites are very unsettling because if left unchallenged, development is very rapid and can make you worry about is not it? So it would be better if you use the services of termite because it will be very helpful.